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The Austin O’Brien Music Program features a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular music and performance opportunities including our Senior and Junior Jazz Bands, Jazz/Funk Combos, Rock Bands, Senior and Junior Concert Bands, Wind Ensembles, Percussion and Guitar Ensembles, Choirs, the AOB Blues/Ska Band, Rock Bands and our Theatre Pit Bands.

These performance groups allow our students the outlet to experience, through study and exploration of their more artistic and creative side, a great spectrum of music from around the world and from many different periods. The music program incorporates a flexible scheduling pattern in order to allow students the opportunity to tailor their timetable to meet their own particular needs. Please feel free to visit our website at: for more details.

Music: Band 10 (5 credits)

Music 10 involves ear training, theory, and continued instrumental instruction as well as a focus on a variety of musical forms and styles. 

Prerequisite: Music 9 or audition.


Music: Band 20 (5 credits)

Music 20 provides ear training, theory, technical development, sight reading, and a focus on the refinement of aspects such as tone, tuning, balance and blending within an ensemble. 

Prerequisite: Music 10 or audition.


Music: Band 30 (5 credits)

Music 30 offers theory, composition, continued instruction on band music and technique as well as a focus on solo and small ensemble  repertoire.

 Music 30 may be used as a University of Alberta entrance course in some faculties.

Prerequisite: Music 20 or audition.


Music: Choral 10, 20, 30 (3/5 credits)

These courses provide components of vocal, aural theory, practical composition and interpretive skills.  Since these components are part of a continuous development pattern, entry into a high school choral program can occur at the teacher’s/administrator’s discretion.


Instrumental Jazz 15, 25, 35 (5 credits)

Instrumental Jazz offers exploration in jazz music through the study of history as well as through  listening, improvisation and performance.

Prerequisite:  Audition


Guitar 15, 25, 35 (3 credits)

Beginner to advanced courses are offered.

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