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Film Studies

Film Studies 15/25/35 (3 credits)

 This course is designed to:

· engage students in a comprehensive analysis of the history and evolution of the technical and artistic aspects of filmmaking

· develop an advanced understanding of filmmaking to enhance the critical appreciation of film

· possibly assist those contemplating a career in film

· facilitate students’ understanding of film as a distinct form of art, technology and visual media develop a critical appreciation film as an art but also as a form of communication

· make students more informed media consumers by examining the perspectives of the pro-duction and technical aspects of film

· introduce students to the process of technical filmmaking and technical analysis.

 Students will learn to be able to watch film in an entirely different way. They will experience varying genres of film (science fiction, western, documentaries, etc.) from the silent era to recent releases. The hope is to have students be inspired to create in a visual and written from by the films covered in each level of the course