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Drama  10 (3 Credits)/ Drama 20 (3 or 5 Credits)/

Drama 30 (5 Credits)

Drama is not only an art form, but also a form of personal expression that can play a major role in the development of the whole person: emotionally, imaginatively, aesthetically, and socially  and it fosters positive group interaction, self-esteem and tolerance to others.  While developing theatrical skills, students assume roles and thus, explore life.  The atmosphere in drama is non-competitive, cooperative and exciting.  At the same time, students are challenged as they strive for self-discipline and personal development.  

In addition to the drama program, students may participate in  the school Year-Play, The Improv Team, the One Act Play Festival, Cappies Theatre Journalism Program and more.


Advanced Acting/Technical Theatre 15/25/35 (3 or 5 credits)

 Advanced Acting/Technical Theatre is designed for those students who wish to develop skills in theatre: consequently,  the focus is on all the components of performance; drama, music, dance, technical theatre and dramaturgy. Students enrolled in Technical Theatre will be exposed to elements like lighting, sound, costume, make-up, stage management, design and advertising. Objectives will be demonstrated in public performances. Through this students will learn to work as a repertory company, taking both lead and supporting roles.  Students participating in the year play can be enrolled in Advanced Acting and/or Technical Theatre.