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Art education is concerned with the observation, interpretation and recording of the visual world.  It requires instruction in the use of traditional and contemporary tools, materials and media.  It involves creating art forms, becoming perceptive to the world around us, making qualitative  judgments  about art works, and responding to the culture we know. 

 Art 10 (3 or 5 credits)

 The objectives of Art 10 are to familiarize students with media and techniques, to extend their knowledge of the elements    and principles of design, to have them become aware of the relationship between function and form in art objects, to provide them with opportunities to compose a variety of two and three dimensional images, to have them investigate the process of abstraction, and to have them become conversant with art criticism and analysis. Emphasis is placed on art basics.

Art 20 (3 or 5 credits)

 Art 20 is designed to further the objectives of Art 10.  In addition, it is designed to provide the students with the opportunity to consolidate and refine drawing skills and styles, to use non-traditional approaches to create compositions, to explore the number of images in our culture, and to acquire the visual skills needed to comprehend and appreciate various art forms. Emphasis is placed on compositional skills

Art 30 (5 credits) 

Art 30 is designed to facilitate the development of a personal style through in-depth studies and the use of personal experiences as sources for image-making. The course is directed toward students developing a portfolio representative of their personal  style, investigating the various art movements, and analyzing  the factors that generated artistic movements and influenced the artistic vision of artists. Emphasis is placed on the achievement of a personal style.

 Portfolio Art 35 (5 Credits)

 Is designed for students who are passionate about art making and plan to continue their art studies at a post-secondary art institution.  Students will be introduced to professional portfolio making and presentation. They will have the opportunity to prepare a professional portfolio for the purpose of gaining entry into galleries and/or a post-secondary institution. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue advanced techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpture at an advanced level.

Prerequisite: Art 30.