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School Council


For those interested in school council here is some information regarding the roles of School Councils. These are excerpts from the Albert School Council Resource Manual, published by the Albert Home and School Councils Association in 2006.  If you wish more information, please contact the school principal.

School Council is a collective association of parents, teachers, principal, staff and community representatives whose purpose is to advise the principal and the board respecting matters relating to the school.  It is a means for parents and community members to work together with the school to support and enhance student learning.

The actual decision-making authority of the school council is limited to setting policies to govern school council activities at the school level, as described in the School Act, planning support activities that align with school council's purpose and choosing which advice to provide the principal and board on areas that specifically fall to them.

The advisory role is intended to involve parents and the community in school-based decision making for which the principal is responsible.  It is always important to respect authority and legal accountability.  The principal has authority for instructional leadership and school management, and the school board/charter board has authority for governing the school jurisdiction.


What School Councils are Not:

It is important to be mindful that, as with all partners in education, there are limits to the work that can be done by a school council.  Roles that are not to be taken on by a school council include:
  • school governance
  • employment issues
  • school management
  • listening to complaints

School Councils Must Avoid. . .

  • Working on policies that deviate from school board policy
  • Taking on the role of the teacher, principal, or school board, each of which has professional and legal responsibilities within the school system.
  • Discussing performance or conduct of individual students, teachers, other employees, parents or community members during activities related to school council
  • Commenting on terms and conditions of individual employment contracts for school staff
  • Discussing matters clearly designated to another person or group through legislation.  

School Council meets approximately six times throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their School Council. Meetings are listed on the school calendar, usually on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30, with the first meeting usually being held in October.  An AGM will often be held at the Meet the Teacher Night if there are still open positions in September.  

Executive Elections are held in the spring at the Annual General Meeting in April.  Parents interested in serving on the School Council, are asked to please contact the school principal.

Any members wishing to have an item placed on the agenda of a S.C. meeting shall make a written request stating the item and the nature of the details pertaining to the item put forth, to the Chair/Principal seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in their School Council. In addition to the Executive, each classroom has its own room representative. As stated in the School Act, the School Council is strictly advisory to the principal of the school.


Parent Advisory COMMITTEE

The Cardinal Leger Parent Advisory Committee is the fundraising arm of the School Council. Under the School Act, there must be an organization separate from the School Council to apply for and receive licensing from the Solicitor General to raise money through bingos and casinos. Monies raised on behalf of the PAC for the school as a whole, and decisions related to its spending is subject to the approval of the principal, who is entrusted to oversee that spending is in the best interest of the whole student body.


2018-19 School Council Executive

Name Position
Coreen S.Chair
Chanda J.
Shelley K.
Katrina P.Secretary

School Council Bylaws

The link below are the current school council bylaws with amendments.

Cardinal Leger School Fundraising Association Bylaws


Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Date AgendaMinutes

September 12, 2019 AGM

Sept. 12 AgendaSept. 12 Minutes

October 9, 2019

Oct. 9 AgendaOct. 9 Minutes

November 13, 2019

Nov. 13 AgendaNov. 13 Minutes

January 8, 2020

Jan. 8 Agenda   Jan. 8 Minutes  

February 12, 2020

Feb. 12 AgendaFeb. 12 Minutes
April 8, 2020CancelledCancelled
May 25, 2020May 25 AgendaMay 25 Minutes