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EAP Info

The Enhanced Academic Program is an academically focussed program that is designed to help prepare students who may be interested in pursuing the Advanced Placement Program at the high school level.  Students can enter into this program at any grade level at Cardinal Leger.  Instruction is offered in the four core subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Students follow the regular Alberta curriculum but do so at a faster pace which allows students to go into more depth through additional project work which allows them to apply their knowledge.  Students need to not only be strong academic learners but also need to be self-motivated for their educational success, and be able to work well with others.  Typically, students coming from elementary should be achieving at the level of “exemplary” in all subjects.  For students who are already in junior high, the expectation is that marks are at a minimum of 75% or higher.

 If you feel your child is a candidate for this program, please contact the school administration at 780-475-6262 to discuss this educational opportunity.

Cardinal Leger is currently accepting EAP applications for the 2019-2020 School Year.  Please see information package and application documents below:

EAP Information Package

EAP Applicant Information Sheet

EAP Teacher Support Document