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Flex Session

Please follow link to register for your flex session.

Students can login to select sessions and view only two weeks worth of sessions at a time.

 Please look at the video  for instructions for registering for a Flex session 

In each Flex Session Round, the second and third sessions are a repeat of the first.  All sessions are offered three times, if your child is unable to get into a session the first week, it will be offered again on the second week and third week. 

The dates of the sessions are on the Web Calendar (linked on the left) and on the portal. The start of each Flex Session Round is as follows (then is repeated for the next 2 weeks of school) :

Please note: The login used is the same as your child's at school. We have done a mock session visiting each class  demonstrating to the students how to sign in to the PowerSchool login page, view and register for a flex session.