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School Information


We are pleased that you are considering the gift of a second language for your child. Ecole Frere Antoine offers the 21st century competence of a rich literacy program in both French and English, within a safe and nurturing setting.

Our staff are warm, caring, competent individuals who strive to help all students achieve growth. Our students are engaged in inquiry learning, use laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads as tools to help them express their learning in motivating ways. Christ is the reason for our school and students are encouraged to find the light of Christ in one another through kindness and social justice initiatives. 
Students also have multiple extracurricular opportunities to encourage them to speak in French from Club Clic, Students Union, Choir, Chess, Gala Oratoire, Running Clubs as well as Karate and Zumba.

Our School Parent Council is very active in providing a quality experience for our students and welcome any parents wishing to participate. You can reach the Chair, either through our office or by email via the School Council page.

In 2017-2918 school will start at 8:07! Please drop off your students after 7:55 when supervisions begins.

This year School parking lot drop-offs will be reserved for students in Grades 1 and 2. Drop offs of students in Grades 3 to 6 in the morning should be done outside of the school parking lot to try and alleviate congestion. Our School Council has an agreement with the mall across the street for a 20 minute window for morning drop offs and afterschool pick ups. Your patronage at the mall is appreciated.


 École Frère Antoine School is centrally located in Mill Woods and serves the entire Mill Woods, Meadows, and Ellerslie areas. There are eight school bus routes serving the school, and there is an ETS bus stop outside the school's main entrance.


Key Features

  • Quality French Immersion  child-centred learning
  • A peaceful and productive faith environment where students develop strong academic and social skills
  • Our school is a leader in student learning with technology
  • A staff who make school challenging and stimulating through the provision of co-curricular and extracurricular clubs and activities
  • A well resourced learning environment with strong parent support and input

Additional Resources

  • Cabush Out of School Care is an excellent before and after school care program available on site
  • A pre-school program, Bouts d'Choux, for 3 and 4 year olds to introduce them to French in a fun learning setting


Our Namesake

Anthony Kowalczyk was born June 4, 1866 in Poland, the sixth of twelve children in a farm family. His education ended after elementary school, and he divided his time between apprenticeship to a blacksmith and work on the family farm. As a young man, he felt the call to religious life with the Oblates, and in September 1891 he entered an Oblate community. He took his first vows and was later posted (in 1896) to St. Albert Diocese in Alberta.

Life in Canada was difficult. Within weeks an accident with a power saw led to the loss of one of his hands. Frère Antoine was faced with learning to perform his tasks with this serious handicap.

In January 1899, Frère Antoine took his final vows at St. Paul. He served as engineer, gardener, and swineherder. He spent the last thirty-five years of his life at St. John's College in Edmonton. Frère Antoine was a simple man, and it was that simplicity that drew attention to him. He died peacefully on July 10, 1947 during his annual retreat in St. Albert.


His intercession on behalf of petitioners led to Frère Antoine being considered as a candidate for beatification. An investigation into the possibility of the canonization of Frère Antoine is underway.  In April 2013 the Western Catholic Reporter wrote a wonderful article about Frère Antoine called God's Blacksmith Draws Closer to Sainthood. The Catholic  Archdiociese of Edmonton also featured our namesake in the following article Vatican considers two Albertans for sainthood. (Posted on 3/30/2017 3:10 PM By )

Anthony Kowalczyk est né le 4 juin, 1866 en Pologne, sixième de douze enfants de fermier. Ayant fini son instruction après l'école élémentaire il travailla à la ferme et comme apprenti forgeron.

Jeune homme il se sentit appelé à la vie religieuse comme Oblat, et en septembre 1891 il entra dans une communauté d'Oblats. Il a pris ses premiers voeux et un peu plus tard en 1896 a été envoyé au diocèse de St. Albert en Alberta.

La vie au Canada était dure. Après juste quelques semaines il a perdu une main dans un accident de scierie. Il a fallu que Frère Antoine apprenne à faire ses travaux malgré son grave handicap.

En janvier 1895 Frère Antoine a pris ses voeux perpetuels à St. Paul. Il a travaillé comme mécanicien, jardinier et porcher. Il a vécu les dernières 35 années de sa vie à Edmonton. Homme simple, on dit que c'est sa simplicité qui lui a valu l'attention qu'il a reçue. Il est mort paisiblement le 10 juillet 1947 pendant sa retraite annuelle à St. Albert.

Plusieurs pétitionnaires désirent que la cause de béatification de Frère Antoine soit présentée à Rome.