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School Council

Annual School Council Feedback Survey

In line with our Operating Procedures, our School Council is excited to hear your feedback with respect to our operations and the programs that we have offered through the 2016/17 school year. Your responses will be used to make improvements in the coming year, and are greatly appreciated!


EFA School Council Operating Proceedures Jan 2017.pdf


Agendas and minutes are located below table. 

École Frère AntoineSchool Council

Email are included to specific positions.

Chair Person:Michelle L.
Vice Chair:​Jennifer K.
Secretary:​​Danielle C.
Treasurer:Jody B.
2017 meeting dates


January 17, February 13, March 14, April 11, May 9 and June 13.

AGM - SC Annual General Meeting​​May 9th
École Frere Antoine Fundraising Association
​President Rick S.
Vice President Katie C.
Secretary ​Danielle C.
​Treasurer Heather C

2017 meeting dates

Annual General Meeting for EFAFA in Sept 2017

January 17, ​March 14, June 13
(quarterly meetings) 

Members at Large /Autres membres


Please note that all parents with students registered at Frère Antoine are voting members



EFA SC Agenda June 13 2017.pdf

EFA SC Meeting Minutes May 9, 2017.pdf


2017-03-14 School Council Meeting Minutes (1).pdf

March 14, 2017 Meeting agenda.pdf

School Council Mtg Agenda Feb 13 2017.pdf

School Council Meeting Minutes Jan 2017.pdf 

School Council Establishment Meeting Nov 22

2016-10 October Minutes.pdf


 École Frere Antoine Fundraising Association

The EFAFA is looking for a means to communicate with it's membership via the EFAFA Membership form below.  By signing up you are agreeing to be a member of the École Frère Antoine Fundraising Association. The Association shall not collect, use, share or store personal information for purposes other than those of Association business, and shall destroy it appropriately once it is no longer needed.  

The Association will adhere to Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) guidelines as required by Alberta legislation, and voluntarily where appropriate. Please sign up

or use the following form: EFAFAMembershipForm.doc.pdf



2017-01-17 Fundraising Association Meeting Minutes.pdf