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Our Namesake

The Gospels describe a number of incidents in the life of the Holy Family that provide the inspiration for the life and learning that happens in our school community.

There was no room for the Holy Family in the inn at Bethlehem and so Jesus was born in circumstances of deprivation.  Yet the heavenly host proclaim the good news that is the Messiah who has come to bring peace to the people of good will.  Similarly, Jesus' birth is proclaimed by Simeon as the light for revelation and the glory of God's people.  When the boy Jesus is found in the temple by Mary and Joseph, Jesus declares that he must be in God's house.  Yet Jesus went with Mary and Joseph to live in Nazareth where he grew in wisdom and in years and in divine and human favor.

The stories of the Holy Family inspire us at Holy Family Catholic School to remember that our learning is for the sake of guiding a weary world into the light of day.  The Holy Family reminds us to be welcoming to wayfarers and refugees.  Just as Jesus grew in wisdom and years and in divine and human favor so we too nurture our children to grow in wisdom and grace before God and the human family.