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Nearly 1 in 3 adolescents report being bullied recently (Canadian Institutes of Health Research). Bullying isn't just part of growing up. It can have a lasting effect on the victim, the bully, the school and the community. Every child deserves an environment where they can develop without fear of aggression or cruelty. Following are some ways parents and adults can help prevent the long lasting effects of bullying.

General Prevention Tips:

* Spend quality time with your child. Talk and listen to your child.

* Be a positive role model. Respect others and stand up for yourself when people don't respect you.

* Teach your child not to be a bystander. Encourage your child to tell the bully to stop, or to walk away and get help from an adult.

* Help your child feel good about themselves in a healthy way. Encourage your child to set and reach goals.

* Use positive discipline and teach non-violence. Violence or anger only makes things worse.

* If you're worried about your child, seek help from school counselors, school support groups, private therapists or your family health care provider.

If parents learn that their child is bullying others, they can do the following:

* Stay calm. Felling angry or ashamed is normal, but instead focus on how to help your child learn positive behavior.

* Talk about it. Ask your child why he or she is bullying others. Talk about non-violent ways to deal with strong feelings like anger. Most importantly, make it dear that you think bullying is wrong and set clear, nonviolent consequences for future bullying behavior.

Tips for Victims and Witnesses: Many children who are bullied keep it a secret. They may think telling will make matters worse, so know the warning signs.

A victim may:

* Seem quiet or depressed.

* Have bruises or other injuries.

* Come home with missing or damaged belongings. 

* Lose interest in school or do poorly in school.

If parents learn that their child is being bullied, they can do the following: 

* Stay calm. Tell the child that nobody deserves to be bullied.

* Ask why your child thinks he or she is being bullied.

* Think of peaceful solutions together.

Encourage your child to stick with a group. Avoid being alone in "large areas like locker rooms, rest rooms or empty classrooms, and avoid places where the bully hangs out. Don't fight back or seek revenge. Be assertive and confident. Use body language to show you are not afraid. Agree with the bully. Say, “You’re right”, then walk away. Tell the bully to stop or walk away and get help from an adult. Report all bullying incidents. Teach your child not to be a bystander. When no one speaks up, the bully learns he or she can get away with it.

School Team Advisors for Youth (STAY)

Junior high schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District each have ‘School Team Advisors for Youth’ (STAY) which are comprised of retired Police Officers.


The STAY officer role involves:

  • Educating, mentoring, and empowering students.
  • Educating and mentoring parents on the realities their children face each day by raising parent awareness on these issues.
  • Educating and mentoring staff on the realities that students face each day. Working in partnership with the administration of the school to develop action plans for safety and health of all students.
  • Stay Advisors in our junior high schools make a difference in the lives of our youth by encouraging them to “STAY” in school. The STAY teams work hard to ensure our youth succeed in life. 
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