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Welcome back to a new school year! A special welcome to all of our students who are new to St. Benedict! The school, home and parish work closely together for your childs education. We educate children academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Consider being involved by volunteering on School Council, helping with special events, or volunteering in the classroom or for field trips. Parents can help their children be successful at school by ensuring there is a quiet space for homework at home, checking with their children about homework completion, reading all information that comes home from school, and reading every day with your child at home. Be sure to ask your child what they learned each day. Regular communication with your childs teacher is important. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher whenever you have a question or concern. By working together, teachers and parents can ensure each child will have a successful year.

M. Dombroski        D. King
Principal                  Assistant Principal

St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School Focus Programs