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Student Recognition Program

St. Elizabeth Seton School has both monthly and year end awards.  We work hard to encourage both strong academic and over all performance in our students.  To that end, the following information is provided with respect to our school’s student recognition program.  
At St. Elizabeth Seton School we encourage all students to strive to be the best they can be.  Success is its own reward, but at the same time we offer formal recognition to students who consistently display excellent effort, achievement and citizenship. 

Elementary School Recognition Program

At St. Elizabeth Seton School we encourage all students to strive to be the best they can be.  Success is its own reward, but at the same time we offer recognition to students who consistently demonstrate the 8 Characters of Catholic education during monthly assemblies.

Elementary Students (grades K – 6)  

The general criteria is as follows:                      
  • demonstrates good spirit and friendship
  • exhibits positive attitude towards staff and students
  • works well and cooperates with others
  • participates in school activities
  • demonstrates compassion  and forgiveness
  • dedicated work ethic

Junior High School Recognition Program Academic Awards

The Junior High Awards Program strives to recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, citizenship and effort, and have exemplified the true spirit of Christianity at St. Elizabeth Seton School.

Father Romano Christian Wellness- St. John Bosco Award

This award is given to a student who has demonstrated Christian values within St. Elizabeth Seton faith community.  This student strives to follow Jesus Christ’s example in dealing with staff, parents and students.  This student is a role model for fellow students and is identified as a “joyful servant of the Lord”.  This person also inspires his/her peers to live more joyfully in Christ through acceptance and understanding of others.

Jeff Dartnell Memorial Scholarship Award

The Jeff Dartnell Award is presented annually through the generosity of the rotary Club of Northeast Edmonton.  The award is a $100 scholarship to be used for high school tuition. 

The criteria for the award are as follows:
  • Presented to a grade nine student
  • The student must have demonstrated significant improvement in academics, attitude and behavior over the course of three years
  • The student displayed school spirit, and a positive Christian attitude towards staff and students
  • The student must have participated in school activities and demonstrates good attendance

Wahkotowin Society Award (Cree for “Kinship”)

Each year the Wahkotowin Society presents an award to an aboriginal student in junior high.  The award is given to a student who has demonstrated a positive attitude towards being a member of our school community in terms of:
  • Attendance
  • Motivation
  • Self-esteem
  • Cultural awareness
  • Academic potential
  • Honors
At each reporting period, students who achieve honors will have their names published in the newsletter and posted on the Honor Roll.  To attain an honor standing a student must achieve:
  • An 80% or higher in all four academic core subjects (Math, Science, Social and Language Arts)
  • No mark lower than 65% or “S” in any other subject

Citizenship Award

  • Demonstrates good spirit
  • Exhibits positive attitude towards staff and students
  • Works well
  • Participates in school activities
  • Cooperates with others
  • Attends regularly

Effort Award

  • Demonstrates constant effort to attain academic excellence
  • Dedicated work ethic
  • Organized work habits

Subject Specific Excellence Award

  • Students who have demonstrated a rare and outstanding gift in specific subjects are recognized.  This award is reserved for students with rare talents exhibited in a subject.
Plus 10 Academic Award

This is awarded to any student who improves their average of any one or more of their four core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social) by 10 %.  This will be calculated at the end of the 2nd and 3rd reporting terms and does not include final marks.  All names will be put into a draw for prizes.

Athletic Awards

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

This is awarded to one player of the Senior Boys and Senior Girls sports teams.  Criteria:
  • Positive attitude
  • Shows leadership and sportsmanship
  • Best overall player on the team
  • Shows dedication and commitment
  • Given to Grade 7, 8 or 9 student

Female and Male Athlete of the Year

Awarded to one female student and one male student

  • Given to a Grade 7, 8 or 9 student
  • Played on at least 2 senior teams
  • Exhibits a positive attitude
  • Is a team leader and role model
  • Shows dedication and commitment to School Teams

Student Recognition Program

  • Throughout the year, regular assemblies will be held to recognize and showcase student achievements