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Soccer Academy

Soccer Academy

"Sports are not merely the exercise of muscles, but the school of moral values and of training in courage, in perseverance, and in overcoming laziness and carelessness. There is no doubt that these values are of greatest interest for the formation of a personality which considers sports not an end in itself but as a means to total and harmonious physical, moral and social development."

- Pope John Paul II

​The Sports Academies at St. Thomas More are designed to challenge and inspire each participant. Access to expert instruction and high intensity training provide students with a unique opportunity to excel in their chosen sport. Both the Soccer and the Hockey Academies also offer students opportunities to develop life-skills such as organizational strategies, time management skills, visualization techniques and self-discipline.

The St. Thomas More Sports Academies are open to boys and girls at varying levels of skill development. Students take their core academic subjects in the morning and participate in the Sports Academy in the afternoon. The Academies offer dedicated training in the student's chosen sport as well as cross-training and fitness activities. Admission to the Sports Academies at St. Thomas More is dependent upon satisfactory standing in academic courses.