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School Information

St. Thomas More is a vibrant school that emphasizes academic excellence and student achievement in an environment infused with the core values of Edmonton Catholic Schools: Dignity and Respect, Honesty, Loyalty, Fairness and Personal and Communal Growth. We offer two district focus programs: the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (we are a fully accredited IB World School) and Sports Academies in soccer, hockey and baseball.

The IB program focuses on rigorous academics with an emphasis on intercultural awareness and responsible citizenship. The Sports Academies are designed to challenge and inspire each participant and help them to develop the physical and mental skills they need to excel in their chosen sport. At St. Thomas More, we celebrate the uniqueness of each student and we challenge them to live our motto, "Seek the Excellence Within."

"Education is not the piling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills, or abilities - that's training or instruction - but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed." —St. Thomas More

Information to Parents and Guardians Regarding the Permeation of the Catholic Faith in Edmonton Catholic Schools

As a result of Bill 44, The Alberta Human Rights Act requires all schools in the province of Alberta to give notice to a parent or guardian when courses of study, educational programs, institutional materials, instruction or exercises include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion.
The essential purpose of Edmonton Catholic Schools is to fully permeate Catholic theology, philosophy, practices and beliefs, the principles of the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church, in all aspects of school life, including in the curriculum of every subject taught, both in and outside of formal religion classes, celebrations and exercises. Every course of study and education program, all institutional materials, instruction and exercises will at all times include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion.

Vision Statement

To provide every student with a Catholic education in a supportive and caring environment based on the Catholic principles of justice, truth, hospitality, community and sacramentality. Students’ are given opportunities to live their faith, to develop compassion and empathy for others, and to treat others with dignity and respect. In addition, students are encouraged to strive for excellence in academics and athletics and to develop a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Our Mission

In keeping with the example of the life of St. Thomas More and our Catholic Faith, we encourage our students to be globally minded citizens who use their knowledge of the IB philosophy and of academics to create a more peaceful, caring world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Our Motto

 Our school motto, Seek the Excellence Within, reflects our deep desire to help students develop their fullest potentials in terms of their spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional development. Through seeking the excellence within each of us, our students become well-rounded, capable and confident persons.

Our Logo

The prominent cross at the center of our logo represents our Catholic faith, which is both our inspiration and the primary focus for teaching and learning at St. Thomas More. The cross is centered in a stylized dove which represents our call to be peacemakers in the world.

Blue is the color of sea and sky and has long been a symbol of life. It is also traditionally associated with Mary, the Blessed Mother and represents peace, piety and sincerity.

The earth symbol reflects the global community we live and our emphasis on providing students with educational experiences that involve intercultural awareness, communication and understanding within our global community.

Our Mascot

We are the Home of the Knights

Chosen out of respect for St. Thomas More, who was himself a Knight, our mascot, the Knight, possesses many of the characteristics we strive for in our school:

We strive to live our core values of dignity and respect, honesty, fairness, loyalty and personal and communal growth.
We shield and defend the weak and helpless.
We are guided by principles of justice and fair play in all that we do.
We are courageous in working toward achieving our goals.

Our Namesake

St. Thomas More was an English statesman and writer who was martyred because he refused to compromise his beliefs. Thomas More was one of King Henry VIII’s most trusted advisors. In fact, he was the first layman to be named Lord Chancellor. His fortunes changed, however, when he refused to support King Henry’s request for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. More resigned from the chancellorship in 1532 and withdrew from public life. In 1534, he was imprisoned and charged with treason because he refused to take an Oath of Supremacy that would recognize the king as the final authority over the Church in England. Because of this, he was decapitated in 1535. His final words were: “The King’s good servant, but God’s First.” More was beatified in 1886 and canonized by the Catholic Church as a saint by Pope Pius XI in 1935. On October 31, 2000, Pope John Paul II named St. Thomas More the patron saint of politicians. More’s example of a pious Christian who refused to betray his conscience, even at the cost of his life, is an inspiration for everyone