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School Supplies

Suggested Supply List

2 - 2 inch zippered binders                          

1 pkg. of felt tip markers 4 packages of index tabs  (dividers)          

2 Highlighter pens Loose Leaf paper lined (500 sheets)        

5 Ballpoint pens (blue, black and red only) Graph paper (50 sheets)                              

5 Pencils Geometry set                                                 

Pencil case Scientific calculator                                      

4 Glue sticks 1 Ruler                                                                             

1 pkg. of reinforcements (to repair sheets with ripped holes) 

1 pkg. pencil crayons                                    

1 pair of scissors 4 duo-tangs                                                        

1 package of 3 x 3” sticky notes

Memory stick                                                    

2 Hilroy coiled 80 pages graph paper

2 Locks (PE and Main Locker)                     

PE Apparel- T-shirt and shorts

French/English dictionary or Spanish/English dictionary

*Students may have to purchase more supplies throughout the year as required to be prepared for class. 

Materials for option classes will be specified by the teacher at the beginning of the school year.

Note: Locker organizers and shelves are optional.