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Parent Council

The Parent Council is made up of two separate groups:

The School Council is compromised of a group of parents, school staff and school administration to share ideas and to give input regarding school matters. Its role is advisory only. 

The Parent Advisory Association is comprised of parents who through their fundraising efforts support the school in its efforts to improve student learning opportunities through projects and school/classroom learning enhancements. It is a means for parents to work together with the school to support and enhance student learning. 

School Council and Parent Advisory Association meet approximately bi-monthly on the same evening throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to become involved as the ultimate goal is to benefit their own children and the school.

Parent Council Executive

Chairperson - Kim Street

Vice-Chairperson - Tracy Hawkins

Treasurer - Remily Estillore-Brown

Secretary - Vacant

Casino Chairperson - Barb MacDonald

Next Meeting: TBD for September 2020

St. Rose Minutes 23 September 2019.pdf

St. Rose Minutes 19 November 2019.pdf

St. Rose PA JAN29, 2020.pdf    St. Rose PC Jan29,2020.pdf

05-04-2020 St. Rose Minutes.pdf