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Notification:  The Government of Alberta has cancelled K–12 classes indefinitely

Edmonton Catholic Schools is committed to supporting the continuation of quality teaching and learning using alternative tools and environments.... View full details

At St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School, we are committed to educating children from 100 Voices to Grade Six within an inclusive, faith-based learning environment and utilizing current and best educational practices that allow for collaboration, communication and critical thinking. We are committed to ensuring that our children feel valued, accepted, respected, and empowered by creating learning and service opportunities that elicit self-confidence and leadership while living out the Gospel values. We believe that a partnership between home, school and parish is essential to the education of each child and that it is our shared responsibility to ensure that our children are nurtured to grow spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. By living the Gospel values, we promote the practice of faith and inspire our students to become life-long learners and confident witnesses of Christ.  Each one of us, students, parents and staff alike, are an integral part of St. Pius X's enriching, engaged, faith centered community. We look forward to working collaboratively to ensure that this year is a successful and enjoyable one for your child; we are excited for the journey that lies ahead!

"Bearing witness to the faith requires word, heart and hands to do God's work."
(Pope Francis)


Mrs. P. Binassi-D'Amours                                                                                       

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