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Hours and Fees

​​​​​​​​Grade 1 to Grade 6

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesda​y, and Friday

Entry 8:25 am
Morning ​Instructional Time8:30 am - 12:10 pm
Recess (AM)
10:25 am - 10:40 am
​Lunch 12:10 pm​ - 12:30 pm
​Lunch Recess (End) 12:30 pm - 12:50 pm
​Recess (PM)1:55 pm - 2:10 pm
​Dismissal​3:08 pm


Early dismissal 11:56 am


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

AM Entry 8:30​ am
Morning ​Instructional Time8:30 am - 11:44 am
​Recess 10:25 am - 10:40 am​


No Kindergarten class on Thursdays.
Recess is an important part of the school day. It is a time for socializing with friends, exercising, eating a snack, and refreshing the brain! Recess will only be indoors during extreme weather conditions. 

School entry doors are unlocked at 8:15 in the morning and are locked at 3:30 pm. Children should not be at school before 8:15 am or after 3:30 pm unless they are involved in a scheduled and supervised school activity.