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School Supplies


--Suggested list of school supplies -- 

**We also receive 'Tools for Schools' backpacks & supplies for those families that cannot provide all the required items.  Please ask at the General Office and we would be happy to help out!**

41.5" Binder for Core Subjects 
11" Binder for Options 
10 Duo tangs for finished units 
4 pkgsSubject Dividers (for binders) 
1TI- 30 XA Scientific Calculator 
2 pkgsLined paper (500 sheets) 
1 pkgPlain paper 
1 pkg Graph paper 
1 Geometry Set 
130 cm ruler 
1 pkgPencils 
1 pkgErasers 
2 pkgsPens (blue or black ink only) 
1 pkgRed pens 
1 pkgPencil crayons or felts 
1Phys Ed gear (at school for purchase) 
4Highlighters (light colours) 
1Pencil case 
1 pkgReinforcements 
1 Pair small scissors 

French/English Dictionary

(French students only)