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Our Academy challenges every individual to learn and develop their technical skills in a game passionately embraced in the St. Nicholas community. Through game strategies and tactical skills, the students proudly achieve the ability to play the game at high levels of competition. Students also are taught to plan and run clinics to teach younger students inspiring their leadership.

The Soccer Academy offers excellence in:

- Training for individual soccer skills

- Development of team strategies

- Leadership opportunities in the community 


The Soccer Academy utilizes:

Commonwealth Indoor Turf
St. Nicholas Fitness Room
Clareview Outdoor Turf
St. Nicholas gymnasium

The Soccer Academy develops leadership by:
  • students planning and running soccer clinics for elementary schools
  • hosting an indoor soccer tournament for elementary schools
  • training with Soccer Academy students at Archbishop O'Leary High School
  • skill demonstrations to the public
  • Elementary Indoor Soccer Tournament   

Our success story

*Boys Premier Champions 2014*

*Boys O'Leary Cup Champions 2014*

*St. Francis Xavier Champions 2013*

*Boys Premier Champions 2013*

*Boys Leduc Cup Champions 2013*

*Boys O'Leary Cup Champions 2013*

*Jr. Boys City Champions 2013*

*Boys Premier Champions 2012*

*Boys Premier Champions 2011*  

*St. Francis Xavier Tymkow Cup Champions 2011*  

*Girls City Champions 2010*

*Boys Premier Champions 2009*

*Boys City Champions 2008*     

*Girls City Champions 2008*