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Monthly Newsletter

Ongoing communication between the school and home is one of the most important contributions we can make for the educational development of our students. By working together, we will help all students achieve their academic best. Please read the information below as part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed as parents/guardians. You can access information related to school events, assignments, expectations in a number of ways such as newsletters, calendars, website, Power School Parent Portal, outdoor sign and the student Friday Envelope. 
Monthly Newsletter

Our school newsletters are published on the website and the parent PowerSchool portal on the last Friday of each month .The school website at

The monthly newsletter is also emailed electronically, please ensure you have submitted a current email to our office in order to be on the distribution list.

To view a specific monthly newsletter click on the appropriate link. 











YEAR-END NEWSLETTER                                  


Online communication is the quickest most accurate source of information for parents.  Our school’s website is  Our website is updated regularly and includes general information, monthly calendars of events, school newsletters, special events, classroom information, school council news/minutes and educational links for student, parent, and staff learning.

Friday Envelope

At the beginning of the school year each child will receive, free of charge, an envelope, referred to as “Friday Envelope”. This system helps reduce frustration with trickles of paper coming each day throughout the week.  Furthermore, we believe this will help to promote organizational skills, as well as help to model for our students good habits of responsibility, while creating organization, consistency and continuity throughout the whole school.  Parents are asked to read the contents of the envelope each weekend, at their leisure and return any forms requiring completion.  All “Friday Envelopes” must come back each Monday.  In the event, that a child loses, or damages his/her envelope, a replacement envelope must be purchased at a cost.
Outdoor Sign
In addition, special announcements, notices and reminders regarding upcoming events will be posted regularly on our outdoor sign.  There are also other ways to stay in touch with what is going on around your child’s school.


Other ways of accessing information:

  • Agenda Book
  • Calendar of Events Listed in your child’s agenda book.
  • Calling,  or emailing the homeroom teacher.
  • Calling, or emailing the subject teacher.
  • Power School Parent Portal has regular updates related to school events and news.