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St. Leo School "A Place for Everyone"

‚ÄčInclusive Education at St. Leo School

As part of a larger faith community, Catholic Education has the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it works to meet the religious, academic, personal and social needs of children/youth.  St. Leo School achieves their mission through excellence in educational programs that permeate the Catholic teaching as well as, through service to the Catholic community and society as a whole.   

In keeping with our School's Foundation Statement and the District's Statement on Inclusion, we are committed to working collaboratively with families to ensure that the programming needs of their child is met.   Our school's Learning Team comprised of the Teacher, Learning Coach, and the Multiple Disciplinary Team (MDT) and/or Inclusive Support Team (IST) is committed to collaborating, identifying, applying and monitoring practices enabling all students to reach their potential.