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St. Leo School Building Leaders One Day at a Time



‚ÄčThe staff and students of St. Leo Catholic School are on a journey of building leaders one day at a time using the 'Leader in Me- 7 Habits Program'.  This program based on Stephen Covey's 7 Habits ofHighly Effective People helps to build  effective interpersonal and intrapersonal skills towards personal leadership.    

As a school, our goal is to instill valuable life skills in students using a specific set of 7 Habits that used day in and day out transforms personal performance by building confidence, competencies and skills of collaboration with others.

Through weekly announcements, daily conversations, bulletin boards displays highlighting great works, lessons and project based learning students are invited to participate and build their leadership capacity.

Students are called to serve their school communities as leaders through a variety of opportunities such as:

  • Daily Student Led Morning Broadcast
  • Student Led Assemblies
  • Lions Leadership Club
  • Masters of Ceremonies Experiences students  for events such as Meet the Staff Night, Christmas Concert, Assemblies, and the Spring Open House.