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Literacy Comes Alive at St. Leo School

​St. Leo School believes in building strong literacy practices.   We are committed to engaging our students in daily balanced literacy practices to help foster and strength skills of reading.  We  work on daily skills such as, building comprehension, accuracy, fluency and extending vocabulary. 

To that end, all teachers use Daily 5 & CAFE as a means of building strong reading skills in our students.

Miles of  Reading at St. Leo School
We may be a small school, but we think BIG! The Grade 6 class wanted to show how BIG we are on reading. How does a tiny school of 173 students look huge?

We line the halls in the 'Miles of Reading' experience the Grade 6s came up with.  They synergized and decided to ask ALL of the students at St. Leo School from 100 Voices through to Grade 6 to sit in the hallways, lining the walls, with a book in hand. The older grades buddied up with the younger grades to read to them, and the middle grades read to themselves. We read for 15 minutes straight as a whole school. The Grade 6 class also had prize pencils for each student who participated in our 'Miles of Reading'.

'Miles of Reading' Picture Montage

20151005_091822 Collage.jpg