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  • Primary Years Programme in International Baccalaureate Inclusive Education Balanced Literacy/Reading Intervention/Guided Reading
  • Focus on using emerging technologies around the school
  • Reggio Emilia programming in 100 Voices and Kindergarten
  • Inquiry Approach to learning 
  • French as a Second Language
  • Student leadership (patrols, student led prayer, Video Broadcasting)
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Literacy Approach in Physical Education
  • MakerSpace, Robotics 

    We also offer: 

    Handbells, Choir, Running Club, Intramurals, Library Club, Horticultural Club, Skiing, Skating, Swimming, Cultural Activities involving Drama and Music, Run Club 

    As a candidate school in the IB-PYP, we seek to incorporate inquiry-based learning opportunities across the curriculum and extend into the community