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School Information

The school has two names sakes , Ben Calf Robe and St. Clare of Assisi. This dual name reflects the dual nature of the school itself. Combining our natural heritage and teaching as an FNMI school and combining it with the Catholic traditions that compliment each other so well.

Ben Calf Robe - a Native elder who worked very hard to bring education to his people. He spent his life trying to make sure his people had access to and the right to, be educated.

St. Clare of Assisi - Although Clare came from a wealthy family she swore a vow of poverty after hearing a young man named Francis speak. Clare soon became St. Francis' council and devoted herself to Christ by helping those in need. The tradition that was also taken up with her younger sister St. Agnes.

The students of Ben Calf Robe/St. Clare school follows the mandated Program of Studies as outlined by the government of Alberta.  The distinguishing characteristic of our school is found in the duality of cultural framework that we offer for students to maximize their learning and self- awareness. One of our greatest equalizer for our students is the implementation of SMART technology within every classroom and integrated I.C.T.  


We serve the Greater Edmonton area (limited transportation from some areas)

Our Motto

You need Wisdom, Work and Respect.

Our Mission

To provide a holistic, culturally relevant Catholic education that builds on the strengths and values of Aboriginal families, which will inspire our students to learn, work, to live fully and to serve God in one another.

School Plan for Continuous Growth

BCR SPCG 2019-22.pdf

Key Features

  • Aboriginal Dancing / Drumming / Singing
  • M├ętis Dancing/ Fiddling
  • 100 Voices to Grade nine
  • Cree Instruction to students from Grades K-9
  • Breakfast and Hot Lunch program
  • Yellow bus service
  • OSC Zoom in on fun Bus Program
  • Elder Teachings
  • Smudge, Sweetgrass, Sacred Pipe

The courses provided at Ben Calf Robe include:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Cree Language
  • Cree Culture
  • Health and Safety
  • Regalia
  • Religion
  • Teachings of the Land
  • Drumming
  • Dance
  • Foods and Fashion
  • Fiddle
  • Beading
  • Guitar
  • Art
  • Outdoor Education
  • Woods
  • Life Skills
  • Music
  • Daily Physical Education (DPA)
Our Junior High students also receive programming in complementary courses that include some of the above as well as others (i.e. foods, art, leadership, construction, digital media and communication, and cultural creations such as beading).

There has been the continuation of extra-curricular activities such as the running club for both Junior High and Elementary, Elementary soccer team, junior high basketball and volleyball teams.  We hope to add even more activities for our students.



We believe that education is a lifelong endeavor. It is empowering. Education "qualifies and quantifies".

We believe that an education system must have its foundation built on trust, respect, responsibility, and change. It begins with respect for oneself, for others and for those yet to inhabit the earth.

We believe that education is an interactive process, not limited by space or time, that flourishes within an atmosphere of respect, trust and caring.

We believe education demands love, caring, dedication, sharing, and self-discipline.

We believe that the real values of education are truth, freedom and independence.

We believe education is holistic. It consists of the four aspects of self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of the individual) as learner, within the environment of a society made up of students, staff, community, parents, and family.



We believe that learning is instinctive and experiential.

We believe learning is unique to each individual and this must be taken into account when dealing with learners whether they are adults, adolescents or children.

Life is learning, we are learners.



We believe that children are gifts.

We believe that children are to be loved and to experience safety, stability and equality.

We believe a child must have an atmosphere that is structured, positive and reinforcing in order for learning to take place.

We believe that students should be given the opportunity to learn through their experiences.



We believe that teaching is a way of life and that teachers foster a love of learning that is lasting.