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Bus Transportation

Bus Cancellation Information: Yellow bus service may be cancelled in cases of extreme weather conditions. Click on the link below for information on where you can hear about cancellations that occur:

Bus Cancellation Information 2016-17.pdf


Monthly bus passes are sold through the school office at a cost of $52.00/month for junior high; elementary bus passes are $51.00/ Month. Please provide 10 postdated cheques made payable to St. Basil School.

Please remember to call Golden Arrow Bus Services at (780)447-1538 if your child is going to be absent from the bus in the a.m. or p.m. This avoids waiting for students in the morning and also at the end of the school day.


For legal reasons, Edmonton Catholic Schools does not condone students traveling on another bus (other than the one they were assigned to). If your child is visiting the home of another student, you must make alternative arrangements to drop off or pick up.  Bus drivers only stop at designated stops on their routes.


Yellow Bus  Expectations and Responsibilities

Parent's Responsibilities

ü  Instruct their children in safety and the rules for riding school buses,

ü  Review the Student Transportation - A Guide to Using Charter (Yellow) Bus Services with their child(ren) found at under the transportation link,

ü  Explain the danger zone that exists in the immediate vicinity of school buses,

ü  Review and discuss bus safety with their child(ren) on a regular basis, such as the following:

o   What to do if the bus does not arrive on time at the pick-up point,

o   What to do at the drop-off point,

o   What to do if the child misses the bus at the end of the school day (report to the school office).

ü  Familiarize children with the pick-up and drop-off points. Children must be fully aware of their stop locations since it is sometimes necessary to assign a spare driver to a route,

ü  Arrive at the designated pick-up point approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time,

ü  Ensure their child's safety while getting to and from the bus pick-up/drop-off points,

ü  Be at the pick-up/drop-off points each day or arrange for a responsible person to be there,

ü  Assist their child in organizing and securing belongings before leaving home. Children should be cautioned against wearing items that may get caught on parts of the bus, such as loose clothing, scarves, drawstrings, or long, dangling straps on backpacks,

ü  Support the enforcement of school bus safety rules and procedures,

ü  Instruct children to wait in an orderly fashion well back from the side of the road and to respect the property of others when waiting (keep off lawns and driveways),

ü  Demonstrate procedures for getting off school buses in an urban area or rural area (whichever is applicable). See Point, Pause, Proceed pedestrian safety rules in the SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY section of the transportation guide on page 4.

ü  Parents are advised that serious or ongoing student misconduct should be reported to the school principal, and that concerns about drivers should be directed to the District Transportation Services Office at Edmonton Catholic Schools


Student's Responsibilities

ü  Get to the bus stop on time. Students should plan on arriving at their bus stops approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus,

ü  Wait in an orderly fashion well back from the side of the road,

ü  Students should recognize that a danger zone exists in the immediate vicinity around the school bus,

ü  Behave in a responsible manner at the bus stop, while on the bus, and while loading and unloading,

ü  Board the bus in single file and use the handrail,

ü  Show the current bus pass to the driver each time they board the bus. Bus passes confirm the eligibility of riders as well as assist schools and bus drivers in determining the correct bus route for young children.

While riding school buses students must:

ü  Walk directly to their seat as specified by the driver and sit down,

ü  Keep books and parcels on their laps and keep aisles clear at all times,

ü  Promptly obey the driver's directions,

ü  Use the emergency exits only in the case of a genuine emergency,

ü  Speak in a moderate and polite tone of voice,

ü  Never eat or drink on the bus.

When getting off school buses students must:

ü  Be familiar with their assigned stop,

ü  Have belongings organized and adequately secured before arriving at their stop,

ü  Remain seated until the bus comes to a full stop and the door is open,

ü  Walk to the front of the bus and use the handrail while exiting,

ü  Get off the bus only at their designated stop,

ü   Immediately move away from the bus to the sidewalk, recognizing the danger zone close to the bus

Bus Cancellation Information