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Jean Forest All Girls Leadership Academy

We are currently accepting registrations for Grades 7, 8, and 9 in the Jean Forest Leadership Academy for 2019-2020. Our JFLA Open House took place on February 13, and it was a great success!

Registration Process: You will receive a PASSPORT from your current school. Fill it out and return it to your current school. You then need to fill out the following registration documents:

  1. District Registration Form: District Registration Form.pdf
  2. District Responsible Use Agreement: District Responsible Use Agreement.pdf
  3. District Transportation Form: District Transportation Form 19-20.pdf
  4. JFLA Acknowledgement Form: JFLA Acknowledgement Form.pdf
  5. JFLA Student Response: (Submit this by email!) JFLA Student Response.pdf

Submit the completed documents to St. Basil School. We are filling one Grade 7 class at a time. You will receive notification to confirm if your daughter has a spot in JFLA for next year. 

The JFLA Parent Fundraising Society has started a Little Ceasars Pizza fundraiser. If you would like to purchase something, please see one of our JFLA students or call the school. The fundraiser ends on February 27. 

Stephen Simmons, Principal
Jolene Thompson, Assistant Principal

Our new uniform supplier is Top Marks. The uniform fittings will take place at St. Basil School in May 2019. Information about fittings and ordering options will be posted soon.

JFLA Information.pdf

By identifying female roles in society and understanding women’s issues in learning, working and living fully, the Jean Forest Leadership Academy empowers young women to achieve academically and grow spiritually by developing their gifts and talents.

Check out the videos below for a glimpse of life at JFLA!

Why consider an all-girls academic setting?

Studies show that girls in all-girls' schools:

  • Do better academically and in examinations for university entrance
  • Are more likely to choose math and science courses and excel in these areas
  • Are more likely to continue into post secondary education
  • Have a greater sense of self esteem
  • Have less stereotyped views of men's versus women's occupations

Studies indicate that graduates from all-girls' schools are:

  • More likely to graduate from college or university
  • More likely to obtain doctorates
  • More likely to be professionals or hold executive or managerial positions in business
  • More financially successful
  • More active in community organizations

Mission Statement

The mission of the academy is, “To provide the finest Christ-centred learning environment which inspires young women to develop spirit, leadership, intellect, self-discovery and service."

Who is Jean Forest?

Jean Forest is a former Manitoban who, with her husband Rocky, moved to Alberta in 1947. For the next 50 years, they lived in Edmonton where they both took an active part in the life of the community. Read Complete Biography...

Jean Forest All-Girls Leadership Academy Locations

Junior High Senior High
St. Basil School
10210-115 Avenue
Phone: 780-477-3584
St. Joseph School
10830-109 Street
Phone: 780-426-2010