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The young women of the Jean Forest Leadership Academy are required to wear a uniform at all times during the school day. The Academy uniform must be worn in such a way that everyone associated with the academy can take pride in our students' appearance. Students are expected to wear their uniform at school as well as to and from school. The complete school uniform is to be worn within the school building throughout the day by all students. No out-of-uniform clothing may be worn within the school building during the school day. The young women of the academy must ensure their uniform is clean and neat. Students who wish to layer must wear a JFLA blazer or jacket, which can be ordered online. Uniform purchases can be made through our uniform company.

The following combination is called the Standard Uniform and may be worn every day. The standard uniform is to be worn on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday or when requested by the school administration. The administration may request that the girls specifically wear a skirt for certain occasions.

School Uniforms to be purchased online.  Your school code is JFL01.


Standard Uniform

  • JFLA beige skirt
  • Black dress pant for cooler weather (no jeans, sweats, or yoga pants)
  • JFLA knitted sweater or sweater vest
  • JFLA white blouse (short and long sleeved)
  • Black knee high socks or tights
  • Black flat dress shoes (polishable)


Alternative Uniform Pieces

The following may also be worn to the Academy as part of the uniform:

  • JFLA sweatshirt
  • JFLA golf shirt 

A JFLA shirt must be worn with uniform at all times.

Students must wear a black knee high or tights with the skirt and skort. In the summer, the girls may wear ankle-length socks.

Physical Education Attire/ Extras

  • JFLA T-shirt
  • JFLA Athletic short
  • JFLA Sweat pants
  • Suitable non-marking gym running shoes
  • Athletic socks

The girls may wear a beige/white camisole/tank top under their blouses. Please ensure all pieces of your daughter's uniform are clearly labeled. No other color of camisole or tank top is allowed.

If students are not wearing the required uniform pieces, they will be directed to the uniform room to change and parents will be notified.