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Sw. Jan Pawel II Polish Bilingual Program

Key Features

  • Polish bilingual program-Sw. Jan Paweł II (K-9)
  • Polish cultural and religious celebrations
  • Transportation from all areas of the city


  • Polish bilingual program - Jan Paweł  II
  • French as a Second Language (Grades 4-9)
  • English as a Second Language
  • Music/Band program 
  • Scholarship Program
  • Inclusive Education programming & services

    Extracurricular Activities
    Intramurals, Student Leadership, Cross-Country  Running, Journal Indoor Games, Junior High Sports, Soccer, Art and Cultural Activities, Band.


  • 2 Computer Labs, Science Lab, Home Ec. Labs
  • Out of School Care
  • Resource Learning Support Team
  • Homerooms equipped with TV/DVD, computer and FM sound systems, LCD projectors
  • Access to N.A.I.T. swimming pool
  • Holy Rosary and Maria Goretti Parish Partnerships
  • Fully equipped Music/Band Room
  • Fully automated Library

    Jean Forest Leadership Program

    Key Features

  • Serving girls from Grade Seven to Nine in the Edmonton area.
  • Transportation from all areas of the city


  • Leadership recognition and development
  • Spanish as second language
  • French as second language
  • English Second Language Assistance
  • Music/Band program
  • Inclusive Education Programming Services
  • Service to the community
  • Community Partnerships; U of A, Catholic Women’s League, Elizabeth Fry Society
  • Scholarship Program - U of A
  • Computer labs
  • Homerooms equipped with TV/DVD, computer, FM sound system and LCD projector
  • Access to Holy Rosary and St. Maria Goretti Parish
  • Fully equipped science lab
  • Band Room
  • Art room
  • Automated library
  • Home economics lab
  • Girl’s lounge
  • Book Room

    Extracurricular Activities
    Student leadership, Running, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, Arts and Cultural events, Catholic Girl’s League, Intramurals

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