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Notification:  Kindergarten Bus Fees

Starting February 1, 2020, Kindergarten students will pay bus fees of $33.50. View full details

Happy New year! Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!!

We have been so blessed the opportunity of preparing and celebrating the Birth of Christ, that we often forget that Epiphany on January 12 is also a time of great celebration and thanksgiving. The Baptism of the Lord reminds us that we belong to a special and sacred family that make us part of that Body of Christ.

As we begin the new year in our return to school we return to the reality of the unsettling news we received in December the Edmonton Catholic School Division’s consideration for closure of St. Basil School. Though this is troubling news, we want to assure our parents, students and indeed our community that as a school, we will continue to provide the very best learning opportunities to our students in an environment that is safe and caring. Our goal is to operate as much as possible as status quo and leave the decision making and its processes to the powers that be.

As January is upon us, we look forward to 4 solid weeks of uninterrupted learning that the month has to offer. Teachers and student will diligently resume the teaching and learning processes and in Junior High, begin preparations for the semester change at the end of the month.

A reminder to our Junior High families that High Schools are beginning to hold their Open Houses. Students and their families are encouraged to attend as many of these as possible in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.

On behalf of the whole staff at St. Basil, a warm welcome back.

Ken Pyra Gosia Beringer

Principal Assistant Principal



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