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Meredith Comba - Social, Foods

Teacher (7A Homeroom)
Lauren Stetson - LA, ReligionTeacher (7B Homeroom)
Theresa Petryga - Math, Gr. 7 optionsTeacher (7C Homeroom)
Melanie Berube - Social, French

Erin Morel- LA, Religion, Music
Teacher (7D Homeroom)

Teacher (7E Homeroom)
Kim Corbett - LA, EAP, ReligionTeacher (8A Homeroom)
Kurt Engebretson - Science, PE, CTFTeacher (8B Homeroom)
Andre Chasse - (Dept, Head PE/Athletics) - Science, Social, Rec Leadership, PETeacher (8C Homeroom)
Kyle Pisani - Math, EAP, PETeacher (8D Homeroom)
Lindsay Fraser - (Dept. Head) - ScienceTeacher (9A Homeroom)
Joshua Luukkonen (Dept. Head, TECH lead) - Social, Film, ReligionTeacher (9B Homeroom)
Nadia Profiri-Mathers - (LA, EAP, PE)Teacher (9C Homeroom)
Cary McCullough - (Dept. Head) - Math, EAPTeacher  (9D Homeroom)
Tricia Shapka - ScienceScience 7 / 8
Jacki PaplawskiFamily School Coordinator
Belinda Griffin Family School Liaison Coordinator (Social Worker)
Ida Ricioppo-Esposito - (PE, REL)Learning Coach and ELL Coordinator
Rocky Maze School Team Advisor for Youth (STAY)
Diane Hofstede Educational Assistant
Irina Pityn Educational Assistant
Peggy Clarke Educational Assistant
Vladimir Poritskiy Head Custodian
  Senior Custodian
Mary Korol Administrative Support
Anita Riva Administrative Support - Financial
Karen MolyneuxAssistant Principal
Kelly KaupPrincipal

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