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Thank you to all our parents who attended this event.  We appreciate all of the fantastic feedback you provided to our District Educational Planning Department at the October 15th 2019 community engagement evening.  The certainly received a strong message that Sir John Thompson is a wonderful school.

NEWS from the District Educational Planning Department

“The Edmonton Catholic School Division is launching a three-year project that will analyze and review viability, successes and areas of improvement for schools and programs located across the Division.  School enrolments, utilizations, student residencies, infrastructure requirements, operational costs and possibilities for consolidations will be taken into consideration. The goals of the project are to balance utilization, enhance learning environments, improve operating costs and develop a continuum of focus, language and alternate programs.

The 2019-2020 School Year will focus on reviewing schools in the Castledowns/Northwest, and Beverly/Clareview/Highlands/Norwood areas.” The division will be hosting a community engagement at St. Timothy Elementary on Oct. 15th from 6-8 PM with the presentation beginning at 6:30 (drop in format). If you cannot make the meeting, please go to the website to get more information and answer some survey questions.

Thank you for your support of this initiative as we “Walk together towards a glorious future”