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Sign of Hope

Sir John Thompson has a wonderful and long tradition of supporting the Sign of Hope campaign. The tradition continues to be strong affording numerous events for all students. 

Our 2018 Activities included:

  • Sign of Hope Raffle - over 60 prizes! 
  • Break a Rule Day
  • Grade Seven Sausage and Perogy Drive
  • Bottle Drive
  • Bowl for our Goal!
  • Krispy Kreme sale
  • Rent-A-Triton
  • Gucci Gamers
  • Bubble Tea Baristas

Our goal for the 2018 Sign of Hope Campaign was


With the Support of our generous families and sponsors we raised

This brings our total to over $180000 since we have started this tradition!
Letter from Catholic Social Services

Letter of Congratulations to SJT!

Letter from Catholic Social Services.

SJT has supported the Sign of Hope Since 1994. The longest tradition of support of any ECSD school!

The funds raised through this campaign are used to operate much-needed programs for children, families and people in need right here in Edmonton and our surrounding communities. 91 cents of every dollar donated to the Sign of Hope goes directly to program services. How is your donation used?

  • 2% helps persons with physical and/or developmental disabilities
  • 3% helps mothers, children, and families affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • 3% helps seniors who are experiencing abuse or neglect
  • 5% alleviates poverty and homelessness
  • 6% helps street youth
  • 8% provides care and support for women and men living with HIV/AIDS
  • 9% provides housing and social supports to women and their children who are leaving domestic violence and abuse
  • 9% helps persons recovering from drug/alcohol addictions
  • 9% assists New Canadians as they adjust to life in our community
  • 9% provides spiritual life and volunteer services
  • 12% provides in-home supports for families at risk; parent teen mediation; foster care and family capacity support
  • 25% provides individual and family therapeutic counseling services; psycho-educational workshops; and adoption support and referral.