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Music instruction at Sir John Thompson takes place in a wind ensemble setting. This is an activity-oriented class whereby students explore music through the use of modern-day concert-band instruments. These instruments are separated into three distinct categories: woodwind, brass, and percussion. Students also explore a variety of musical styles ranging from Classical and Baroque through Latin American and into Pop and Rock genres of music.

The most exciting aspect of instrumental music at the junior high level is that it is a new experience for most students. Learning a musical instrument with the extracurricular opportunities such as Grade 7 Honour Band, Jazz Band, and Grade 8/9 Tour Band offers a wide variety of unique opportunities for the students to enjoy including performances and field trips.

With the chance to gain new confidence by learning these instruments and performing in public, Music is an essential component of a well-rounded and balanced education.

Click below to see our Tour Band competing in a music festival at the Winspear Center.

Tour Band at the Winspear Center