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School Information

Is Our Lady of Mount Carmel the school for your children? We have a lot to offer and would love to have you join our school family!

Mount Carmel is a very unique school with many attractive opportunities. The growth in mind, body, and spirit that our students have demonstrated in the past few years is nothing short of remarkable. In particular, our Academic performance has been exceptional! If you are interested in having your  K-9 child attend our school, you may wish to contact me to inquire if Mount Carmel is the right choice for her or for him. Rest assured that we will continue to devote the time and effort required to ensure all students are fully prepared for the future!      Patrick Lema, Principal;

Mount Carmel School 2018-21 Plan for Continuous Growth.pdf

Multiple Choice Tests - Tip Sheet.pdf

2019-20 School Information

We are very excited about school year starting in the fall of 2019! Our students have achieved at the highest levels both academically and athletically in recent years and we are extremely confident this will continue!

Mt Carmel Year End-Opening Letter for 2019-20.pdf

NOTE: Other Documents for the 2019-20 School Year are located in the various categories under "School Information" in the left hand column of this page. 

 Academy Payment Plan Instructions 2019.pdf

Our Academy Directors: 

Performing Arts Academy —Kim Clarke; 

Soccer Academy —Dawn Poulin-Biro; 

Hockey Academy —Andrew Zvonkovic;  

Recreation Academy —Jen Belous; 

Elite Athlete Program—Neil Hutchinson

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a quality education which embodies the Catholic Faith principles of nurturing, acceptance, respect, and love.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel School serves a large part of the south side of Edmonton. This includes not only the nearby communities of Queen Alexander, Park Allen, Pleasantview, Allendale, McKernan, & Belgravia, but other areas as well with our Academy Programs.

Key Features

  • Elementary and junior high school with a small school family environment
  • Academies  - Hockey (G3-9), Soccer  (G3-9), Performing Arts (G3-9), Recreation (G7-9) 
  • Elite Athlete Program (G3-9)
  • Elem Music Program and Junior High Band
  • Junior High Food & Fashion Lab
  • Junior High Construction Lab
  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Sports Performance Centre
  • Fitness Training Centre
  • Semestered Junior High Option courses
  • Historic Site - In our 93rd year of Catholic Education


  • Inclusive Education: Learning Team - Our Lady of Mount Carmel School offers a wide variety of services to students including English as a Second Language.
  • 100+ wireless Chromebooks
  • Desktop Computer lab
  • iPad mobile labs
  • Smartboards in all classes
  • Up-to-date technological resources that support learning
  • Active School Council
  • RCSD speech and languages services
  • Strong liaison with St. Anthony Parish
  • "Just'n Out of School" before and after school care (780) 919-7471

Our Patron Saint

Mount Carmel is a mountain spur projecting into the sea south of Haifa, Israel. Its bold outline can be seen for many miles. The name means "garden" or "orchard".

Mount Carmel became a refuge for early Christian hermits and monks. In about 1156 the Order of Carmelites was founded and a monastery was built to the honour of St. Mary of Mount Carmel.

Devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel spread throughout Europe by the returning Crusaders and by members of the Carmelite Order. Notable shrines and churches were founded in honour of Mary under the title of Carmel or Carmen. In England in 1251 the Virgin appeared to St. Simon Stock, Prior General of the Order of Mount Carmel. According to tradition, Our Lady promised special blessings to all that wore the Carmelite scapular which signified total dedication to her Son, Jesus Christ. Honour to Our Lady of Mount Carmel is worldwide.

The Prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel is: Lord let the motherly prayer of the glorious virgin come to our help. Through her support help us reach the true mount which is Jesus Christ. Amen