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School Council

Parents are encouraged to become involved in their School Council. In addition to the Executive, a variety of parents, community members, and school staff members participate. Opportunity for election is early in the school year.
School Council is a body that is advisory to the principal of the school and to the Board of Trustees regarding educational issues.

It provides the opportunity for individuals to become involved in specific issues that directly affect a particular school or the District.

Parent participation in the Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Advisory Council develops a wider exposure to District business that can be mutually beneficial to the Board, the school and the community.

The School Council does not discuss issues concerning individual students or staff. These should be addressed with the teacher involved and failing that it should be addressed with the principal at a private meeting.

The school also has an incorporated society (under the Societies Act) called the Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Fundraising Society that raises funds for the school. From time to time it holds fundraising events for the benefit of the students and the school.