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Crusaders thrive on being versatile athletes who adapt quickly to thrive in a variety of game situations. This is most easily depicted in the intensely speedy and agile sport of badminton. 

The Holy Cross Senior Badminton team consists of a group of sixteen athletes composed of eight girls and eight boys. While the season is a short one, lasting only four weeks in April and one week in May, it is an action-packed time and a massive opportunity for player development. Categories of play include Boys' and Girls' Singles, Boys' and Girls' Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

The Junior Badminton team's emphasis on basic skill development allows our younger students who did not make the senior cut to perfect the basic strokes and tactics before progressing to the senior team. Exhibition games are arranged throughout the season to provide game experience.

The pride of the badminton team is the Crusader's Classic. A tournament including eight schools from around the district that encourages the development of players outside of regular season play. Medals are given for first, second and third place.