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APPLE League

Middle Years Programme​

One of our initiatives this school year has been the creation of our APPLE League, which is a cross-graded, student-led intramural program promoting physical activity while meeting curricular outcomes.

Holy Cross Académie Internation​ale has been an APPLE School since September 2008 and strives to embed healthy eating and active living initiatives within the school culture. By encouraging the philosophy "healthy kids make better learners", we are striving to ensure that students are educated in a health focused physical and social environment and are presented with a variety of wellness experiences throughout the school year. The purpose is to give students the opportunity to increase their physical activity, discover strengths that they can bring to a team, and to understand the importance of creating a balanced lifestyle through work, play and cooperation.

Our APPLE league is founded on innovative games that involve all students, no matter their skillset or athletic ability. Throughout the year, students participate in games such as Capture the Flag, Quidditch, Aussie Rules Football and Pool Noodle Hockey. Teams are awarded points based on scores and good sportsmanship while demonstrating an effort to speak French. Our MYP students have taken the lead in creating the house names, house logos and house cheers. We have provided all MYP students with bandanas specific to their house, to wear during the games.

Thursdays during their home room block, 4 of the 6 house teams participate in cooperative games, and the 2 remaining teams are with a guest presenter. We are very proud of the ownership our students have taken and of the legacy they are creating for future MYP students at Holy Cross.