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Community Project


What exactly is the Community Project?

The Community Project is a Service Learning project that allows students to connect their classroom learning to issues in our world. They will define a project goal that will allow them to interact with a local or global community. 

Why do you need to complete a community project?

The Community Project is a mandatory component of the IB Middle Years Program. It
gives you the opportunity to address a need in the community, based on your personal
interests and to develop your approaches to learning skills.

What help will you receive to carry out your project?

You and your group members are the only people responsible for your community
project. This is a research that you do together in order to demonstrate your skills as an
independent learner.

This does not mean that you will be entirely left to yourselves during this project. An
MYP teacher or staff will be appointed to oversee your project as a supervisor. Their role
will be to guide you as soon as it becomes necessary. They can support you in different
ways throughout the process, including:

  •  Helping you to determine if the project you have decided to undertake is realistic;
  •  Helping you to establish a schedule for the realization of your project;
  •  Discussing to ensure that the global context and the topic you have chosen complement  each other;
  •  Speaking with you to evaluate and discuss the progress of your project;
  •  Advising you if certain aspects of your project are starting to cause problems.
Being an independent learner does not mean that you have to work in isolation. In fact,
the most effective autonomous learners are those who recognize the importance of
collaborating with others in a project because a wide range of ideas can lead to a better
outcome. In addition to the support provided by your supervisor, you may want to talk
to your parents, friends and other adults for discussion and advice. Nevertheless,
everything you do for your project should be the result of your work.

What do I have to do? 

The MYP community project consists of four components. Evidence of these components are collected by the students and kept in a process journal that is submitted to the teaching staff for assessment at the end of the project. 

  1.  Research 
  2.  Planning 
  3.  Taking Action 
  4.  Reflecting 

Students can choose to work on the community project independently or in groups of up to three students. In cases where students work together, they work collaboratively to address the objectives of the project, develop their service learning together, and give their presentation at the end as a group. The objective of investigating requires students to make choices in the focus of their project. Students should follow a series of procedures to identify the focus. They will need to:

  • Define a goal to address a need in the community, based on their personal interests
  • Identify the global context for the community project
  • Develop a proposal for action for the community project.

In situations where students choose to work in groups, the goal is defined collaboratively.