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School Information

École/Escuela Grandin is an outstanding community which works together to encourage excellence and the study of languages. Our professional staff is highly committed to strong academics and a Catholic philosophy of education. We have an outstanding reputation in the community.
Through teacher dedication, parent commitment and an outstanding French and Spanish learning environment, we provide our students with the skills necessary to experience success. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education. Together we can make a difference for children.
We look forward to working with you and trust that the school year will be rewarding for students, staff and parents.

École/Escuela Grandin es una comunidad excepcional que colabora junta en fomentar la excelencia y el estudio de idiomas. Nuestro plantel profesional de profesores está plenamente comprometido a una educación con solidez académica y filosofía católica. Tenemos una reputación sobresaliente en la comunidad.
A través de la dedicación de nuestros profesores, el compromiso de los padres y un ambiente de alto nivel de aprendizaje de francés y español, nosotros proporcionamos a nuestros estudiantes las habilidades necesarias para realizarse con éxito académicamente. Nosotros animamos a los padres a ser parte de la educación de sus hijos. Juntos podemos hacer una mejor educación para nuestros niños.
Esperamos trabajar con usted y confiamos que el año escolar será meritorio para los estudiantes, los padres y el plantel escolar.

À l'École/Escuela Grandin, nous formons une communauté exceptionnelle d’apprenants et d’enseignants qui collaborent afin d'encourager l'excellence en toutes choses et notamment dans l'apprentissage des langues. Les membres du personnel s'engagent à offrir une programmation de haute qualité fondée sur les principes de la foi catholique. Sachez que nous jouissons d'une réputation enviable au sein de la communauté. Le dévouement des enseignants et des parents de même que le maintien d’un climat favorable à l’apprentissage des langues française et espagnole doivent se conjuguer pour favoriser chez nos élèves l’acquisition de toutes les habiletés requises garantissant le succès. Nous encourageons les parents à s’investir dans l’apprentissage de leurs enfants à la maison, à l’école et dans la communauté. Travaillons ensemble et la réussite nous est acquise. Nous sommes d’ores et déjà assurés d’une l'année scolaire profitable à nos élèves et à leurs parents ainsi qu’à l’ensemble du corps enseignant.



  • Bussing is available for French Immersion students throughout City Centre.  For Spanish Bilingual students, bussing is available for central, west and northwest Edmonton.
  • We are centrally located (3 blocks from the legislature building).
  • Grandin L.R.T. station (named for the school) is located within four meters from our front door.
  • Most downtown city bus routes stop within three blocks of Grandin.

Mission Statement



Ecole/Escuela Grandin is a Christ-centered environment in which students develop the necessary competencies to be successful and ethical global citizens.  Languages, culture and faith deepen our sense of community.


Within our Christ-centered school community, students, staff and parents:

  • are motivated to acquire current attitudes, skills and knowledge to see beyond self-interests in order to achieve the school community's success;
  • encourage a safe, supportive school community where we are respectful of ourselves, of others and of the environment;
  • foster independence, self-efficacy, perseverance, resilience through learning opportunities that nurture the child's dignity;
  • value continuous language and cultural development through connection with the local and global community.

Our Namesake

Bishop Vital Grandin (1829-1902) was born on February 8, 1829 in Mayenne, France and was ordained a priest in the order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in 1854. Shortly after his ordination by Mgr. de Mazenod, he devoted himself entirely to serving Aboriginal peoples and to the aid of the prairie settlers in the Canadian West. He was only forty-two years old when he was appointed Bishop of St. Albert (Alberta) in 1871. His motto was: “Infirma mundi elegit Deus” (God chooses the weak of the world).

For the next thirty years the first Bishop of St. Albert faced a sometimes hostile environment and thousands of square miles of uncharted wilderness, travelling and serving with unceasing dedication. When Bishop Grandin arrived in Alberta, there were only five Catholic missionaries serving the entire northwest. When he died in 1902, there were 65 missions, 50 schools, 3 hospitals and 2 seminaries.

Bishop Grandin was a great man in his own time who became a legend throughout the west and north. His life is an outstanding model for today because of his courage, tenacity and faith. We pray that his cause will continue to progress in Rome and that the Vatican will someday recognize the sainthood of this holy man.

Our Motto

Many languages. Many cultures. United in Christ.



Cross-Country Running Club, Robotics Club, Family Dance, Family BBQs, Annual Bake Sale & Tourtiere Making, Masses at St Joseph's Basilica, Christmas Concert, Strings Music Concert, Día Grandin, Student Faith Day.

Lunch Hour activities during the winter months such as Chess Club, Art Club, Pokemon Club, Pythagorus Math Club, Zumba, Yoga, Intramurals, Junior and Senior Choir, Handbell Club, and Free Footie.



  • Out-of-School Care  
  • Wireless connections
  • Smart boards and document cameras in all classrooms
  • Chromebooks, Laptops, iPods, iPads to enhance student learning
  • Strings (violin, cello, etc.) for all grades 4-6 students 

Ecole Escuela Grandin Staff


PrincipalLorelei Hironaka
Assistant PrincipalAmanda Hammermeister
Administrative AssistantColleen Segin
Learning CoachAmanda Hammermeister
MusicAthena MacGregor
100 VoicesAmanda Rhoads
French KindergartenLisa Bussiere
Spanish KindergartenMaria Juan Garcia
French Grade 1Lorraine Champagne
Spanish Grade 1Raquel Aviles
French Grade 2Natalie Kuhn
Spanish Grade 2Alan Rivas
French Grade 3Ariane Hossack
Spanish Grade 3Emmy Obén Ramirez
French Grade 4Raquel Karam
Spanish Grade 4Marianella De Merchant
French Grade 5/6Helene D'Astous
Spanish Grade 5Luis Garcia Argueta
Spanish Grade 6Nancy Pinto
ELF 100 VoicesAshley Santos
Occupational Therapy AssistantMarnie Babiy
Emotional Behavioural SpecialistKate Dane
Educational AssistantEvelyn Astorga
Educational AssistantCoco Barnett
Educational AssistantNorma Currie
Educational AssistantKatherine Porta
Light Duty CustodianEtalem Getachew
Head Custodian
Ruby Mayta
Senior CustodianRichmond Felicitas