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School Information

J. J. Bowlen is a place to grow - intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. The quality academic, arts and athletics programs and the varied interest clubs and activities offered at J. J. Bowlen provide a diverse and rich school curriculum in a caring Christian environment. The staff at J. J. Bowlen are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and to “celebrate our gifts”. 

J.J. Bowlen Plan for Continuous Growth 2018-2019

Strong Catholic Identity

 J.J. Bowlen is a junior high school of approximately 500 students located across the street from St. Dominic Savio Parish, helping to foster a strong relationship between the two. Our parish priest, Fr. Joseph Vadassery, participates in the life of the school. Students have regular opportunities to visit the church and participate in religious celebrations.

Our Mission

With Jesus as our model, J.J. Bowlen Catholic School nurtures the heart, mind and spirit by engaging students to achieve their potential and develop their gifts. J. J. Bowlen offers you the opportunity to grow mentally, socially, physically and spiritually.  In addition to our quality academic programs, we also have an outstanding complementary program including fine arts courses. We offer a variety of interest clubs and diverse athletic teams.  Our caring, Catholic atmosphere will help each of you develop to your full potential.

The staff at J. J. Bowlen are dedicated to providing learning opportunities, encouragement and guidance.  With the support of your parents, plus your own hard work and positive attitude, your educational experience at J. J. Bowlen promises to be rewarding.

We are pleased to offer a Student Support Team at J. J. Bowlen which is committed to ensuring that all students are successful. With this focus we have created a team of professionals that will support any child that is academically, socially and educationally in need. The Student Support Team consists of the following:
  • Learning Coach
  • Student Advisor
  • Family Social Liaison Worker
  • STAY Advisor
  • FNMI Liaison
 We look forward to working with you!

Our Namesake

Our school is named after the Honourable John James Bowlen, the first Roman Catholic to represent the Crown as Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. J. J. Bowlen, was born in 1876 in Prince Edward Island. In 1906, he moved his family out west and began what was to be an extremely successful life as a rancher and politician. By 1920, Bowlen owned the largest horse ranch in Canada.
J. J. Bowlen had an active political career. Elected in 1930, as a Liberal MLA for Calgary, he was one of only six opposition members to remain elected in the Social Credit landslide of 1935. He held office until 1944, serving his constituents in the Alberta legislature for 14 years.
In 1950, J. J. Bowlen was appointed the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. He died in office in 1959 and is buried in St. Joachim’s cemetery in Edmonton. During his life, J. J. Bowlen received many honors, held numerous executive positions and was actively involved in service clubs such as Kiwanis, Elks and Knights of Columbus.
At J. J. Bowlen Catholic Junior High School, we strive to live up to the example set for us by our namesake. He is a Catholic role model for the students and staff of our school. His active life embodies the qualities of hard work, determination and service to others and he reminds us of how to celebrate our gifts.
To find out more about J. J. Bowlen visit the Alberta Legislative Assembly’s website at: