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School Information

Vision Statement

Good Shepherd School will be a community of learners where children are supported to reach their potential through acquired knowledge, skills, and attitude in a Christ centered environment.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage all learners by implementing best practices for improving student achievement. Through collaboration, respect, love, and faith, we strive to create an inclusive community where students will be inspired to take risks as lifelong learners, problem solvers, and Catholic citizens.



Good Shepherd Elementary School is located in and serves the southwest corner of Edmonton. Our boundaries include all areas south of 62 Avenue and west of 178 Street to the city limits (with the exception of the Hamptons). Our area includes the subdivisions and communities of Dechene, Bridlewood, Donsdale, Rural West Terwillegar, Jamieson, Hawkestone, Wedgewood Heights, Cameron Heights, Woodbend Estates, Triple Acres, River Valley Country Estates, Riverview Acres II, Woodhaven, Edgemont, Rural West and Sharonden Ravines.


Key Features​​

  • High academic standards
  • Dedicated, professional staff
  • Christ-centered learning environment
  • Safe and caring learning environment for over 300 students
  • 21st Century technology skills
  • Outstanding inclusive special needs programming
  • Music, Daily Phys. Ed and Cultural Activities
  • Active, supportive school council
  • Strong partnership with Good Shepherd Church
  • Strong parental involvement


Our Namesake

At the time Jesus was teaching in Galilee, many people kept sheep. Shepherds cared for their sheep, leading them wherever they could find food and water. The sheep knew their shepherd so well, they would come when he called. If a young lamb lost its way, a shepherd would carry it home and care for it. Shepherds took great care in protecting their flocks.

Sometimes when he was trying to teach people about himself, Jesus told them stories about shepherds to help them understand. Jesus said he was a good shepherd. In the same way that sheep know the voice of their shepherd, people would come to know him too. If they followed his teachings, they would live their lives as God wanted them to. Jesus said they would become one flock, with one shepherd.

Jesus Christ is our Good Shepherd. We trust in the Good Shepherd to find us when we are lost and to protect us when we are scared. We know the voice of the Good Shepherd and come when we are called. Christ’s teachings permeate all that we do in our community of Good Shepherd School. We are one flock with one shepherd.

“I am the Good Shepherd. I know mine and mine know me.”
- John 10:14



  • Fully Networked Educational Environment with Video Broadcasting
  • Learning Commons
  • Computers
  • iPads, Netbooks, Lenovos
  • Speech and Language Services
  • School/Parish Team Partnership
  • Librarian and Educational Assistants​
  • Emotional/Behavioral Services
  • Extensive Literacy Resources