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School Council

School Council Mission

We the Good Shepherd School Council will work together with our school community to ensure the best education for our children in a Catholic environment.
  1. To understand the content and direction of current and future curricula.
  2. To support and enhance educational programs at Good Shepherd School.
  3. To provide activities, materials, and equipment which would promote the physical well being of our children.
Good Shepherd School Council Constitution and Bylaws - CONSTIT.doc

GSSC Mins Oct 25 2018.pdf
GSSC Mins Nov 17 2018.pdf
GSSC January 2019 minutes.pdf
GSSC Mins AGM Mar 21 2018 (1).pdf
AGM Meeting Minutes 2019 2.pdf
AGM Meeting Minutes April 2019.pdf
GSSC Minutes September 2019.docx
GSSC October 2019 Meeting Minutes.docx