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School and Transportation Fees

For information on Mary Hanley School Fees for 2018-19, please choose the attachment for either grade 1-6  (DistrictSchoolFee) or for kindergarten (DistricSchoolFeeKinder)

Transportation Efficiency Letter to Parents

Ministry of Education - 780-644-6962

School Fees
Transportation Fees
Edmonton Catholic Schools Administrative Procedure 505

2019-2020 SCHOOL FEES 


textbooks, workbooks, photocopying, and printing paper


Q &  A

Q: Did the government eliminate charging all school fees? 
A: The government only eliminated specific school fees for textbooks, workbooks, photocopying and printing paper. 

Q: My school used to collect all field trip fees in September. Why did that change? 
A: September is a very expensive month for families. We have stopped collecting field trip fees upfront that could be paid later to ease the financial strain on families. 

Q: How will I know what the fees are in my school? 
A: Your school’s fee structure will be posted on their website once approved by the Minister, hopefully by the end of August. Your school will also inform you of your child’s specific fees, based on their courses in late September. 

Q: What if I can’t afford my school fees? 
A: Please meet or contact your school principal to discuss your circumstances and determine if you need an alternate payment plan or if you need your school fees waived. 


agendas; technology user fees including student-used software, apps, and site licenses; headphones; whole school activities (cultural or musical presentations, plays, student council/union); communication envelopes/pouches; and PE apparel, if mandatory at the elementary and junior high level. We have bundled this as a Supplemental Education fee and set a maximum charge of:

Kindergarten: $30 
Grades 1-6:  $50 
Grades 7-9  $60 
Grades 10-12:  $90

And schools can also charge for:
  • Academies
  • Senior High $90 refundable textbook deposit
  • Options/complementary courses
  • Activities like Field trips, farewell/ graduation activities
  • IB and AP exams
  • Personal music equipment like recorders, mouthpieces/reeds, and hand bell gloves
  • Optional items and activities: social activities; hot lunches; yearbooks; extracurricular teams; clubs; optional fitness program/fitness room access; apparel; refundable cap and gown rental
  • Replacement of lost resources or those that have been damaged beyond use



bus.png The Government of Alberta has eliminated transportation fees for: 
  • those residing 2.4 km or more from the designated school they attend for regular or special education programming; 
  • those who have a disability, or disabilities, that prohibit them from using regular transportation services; 
  • children attending an Early Childhood Services program, such as kindergarten, for noon-hour transportation.

bus.png The Government of Alberta has subsidized transportation fees for:
  • eligible students who take ETS so that they pay only the difference between the cost of a monthly public transit pass and per-student provincial transportation funding.



Q &  A

Q: Which students get free bus passes? 
A: Any students attending the regular program at their designated school and living 2.4 km or more from that school. All students have a designated school that is determined by the attendance area for that school. All special needs students who require yellow school bus transportation and all kindergarten transportation has been and will continue to be free.

Dual Track Schools: 
Students who live within the attendance area of their designated school for regular programs but who are enrolled in a program of choice such as a language program or sports academy at that school, qualify for a free bus pass.

Q: Which students pay the full cost of a bus pass: 

A: Students attending their designated school and living less than 2.4 km from that school all students attending a School of Choice such as a French Immersion or bilingual language program, sports academy, arts or science academy, International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement program, or other alternative program, regardless of distance from the residence. For example: J.H. Picard is a single track French immersion program and is not a “designated” school for regular programming. All students attending this school will be charged for the cost of a bus pass.
Q: Which students pay the $18 Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) differential fee: 
A: This applies to any students attending their designated school and living 2.4 km or more from that school and who use ETS. The differential fee is $20/month and is based on the amount payable to Edmonton Transit of $750/year less the $549 basic transportation grant = $201/10 months = $20/month differential fee. ETS bus passes may be used after school hours and on weekends, therefore, the differential fee is seen as the cost of this enhanced service.

Q: Why do I have to pay for busing for programs of choice like Immersion and Bilingual Programs and Sports Academies? 
A: The government is only subsidizing transportation for students who go to their designated school, which is the school that is closest to their home that offers regular programming. 

Q: What if I can’t afford my busing fees?
A: Please meet or contact your school principal to discuss your circumstances and determine if you need an alternate payment plan or if you need your busing fees waived. 

Q: How do I know what my bus fees will be?
A: The following table summarizes the transportation fees for Edmonton Catholic Schools students: