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School Information

At St. Bonaventure School, we are a community of learners who integrate Catholic ideals into all school subjects. As a team, we strive to help individuals develop as Christians by providing an INSPIRED learning environment that reflects: being a life long learner, feeling safe, knowing God's love, and realizing the self-worth and unique gifts of all so each person is accepted and nurtured.

We hope that this website informs parents about our school life so that we may be better able to work together and share in the mission of teaching your child “to learn, to work, to live fully, to serve God in one another.”



We serve the Clareview community in northeast Edmonton drawing students from Hairsine, Bannerman, Kirkness, Fraser and Clareview Campus.


Key Features

  • Warm, friendly community of students and teachers
  • Dedicated to meeting the diverse learning needs of all students

Our Mission

At St. Bonaventure School, we are a community of learners who live Catholic ideals in all we do at our school. As a team, we strive to help individuals develop as Christians by providing an inspired to learn, safe, loving, and supportive environment where the self-worth and unique gifts of all are accepted and nurtured.


Our Vision

To nurture a community of dedicated learners and faithful followers of Jesus Christ within a caring Catholic atmosphere. Strategies using: Learning, Catholic Identity, People, Community and Resources.

The staff of St. Bonaventure will endeavor to:

  1. Develop a Christian atmosphere in the school through personal example of the staff.
  2. Instill necessary knowledge and skills, accordance with the Alberta Learning and Edmonton Catholic School guidelines.
  3. Establish discipline through the teacher's leadership qualities, within a context of mutual respect and personal concern for students.
  4. Encourage the development of self-worth and positive self-concept in children, and to set realistic expectations for each child.
  5. Encourage in the mind of the student, the perception that classes are places where they and the teachers are partners in achieving worthwhile academic, personal, spiritual and social outcomes.
  6. Encourage the development of responsibility in the student's own behavior.
  7. Develop an atmosphere of warmth, personal concern, and awareness for one another in the school.


Our Patron Saint

St. Bonaventure (1221 – 1274) was born in Tuscany, Italy and was baptized John. Stricken with a dangerous illness, he was prayed for by St. Francis of Assisi. As he recovered St. Francis exclaimed, “O buona ventura” – O good fortune – the name by which are patron became known.

At 21, Bonaventure joined the Franciscans, studied at the University of Paris and wrote wonderful stories of God. St. Thomas Aquinas, a good friend, asked where he got all his ideas. He pointed to the cross and said “It is Christ who tells me everything. Christ is my only teacher.”

In 1273, Bonaventure became a Cardinal. The Pope’s messengers found him at the wash tubs taking his turn scrubbing the pots and pans. They waited patiently until Bonaventure had finished and then solemnly presented him the red hat, which symbolized his new honour.

Bonaventure died at the age of 53. He was proclaimed a Saint in 1482 and in 1588 he was declared a Doctor of the Church. His feast is on July 15th.

We at St. Bonaventure School admire our namesake for the faith he showed in the Cross of Jesus, and the trust he had in Jesus as his only teacher.

We, too, can turn to Jesus for help and strength as St. Bonaventure did.