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Important Notice: Dear St. Bonaventure Parents/Guardians,

Very often, parents/guardians wish to bring a treat to the school on the occasion of their child’s birthday. This usually comes in the form of a birthday cake, cupcakes, pizza, gifts, or other such treats. This is always done with the very best of intentions. However, in an effort to control the amount of food, etc. coming into the classrooms during the day, we will now use the following guidelines regarding birthday treats:

  • Only small, individual cupcakes or individual precut fruit or treats may be brought to the school as a birthday treat.
  • Parents must give prior notice to the classroom teacher of their intention to bring a birthday treat to the school.
  • No birthday cakes, pizza, or class gifts are permitted. If you are unsure, please ask the school first.

Stephen Simmons, Principal

 Content Editor

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