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*    Chess King - at St. Bonaventure!  Chess Instruction provided by Chess King each Wednesday from January 17 to March 21.  Please call our office for more information!

*     New Parent Resource - Grades 1-4 have a new Religion Program, Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ.  It features a Student-Home Website with videos, songs, bible stories, prayers, interactive activities and more -- all designed for students and families to explore their faith together.  Please go to:

(At this time, only availabe for Grades 1-4)

Username: ecsd99

Password: Student99 (case sensitive)

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Our return to school in the New Year will bring us through the joyous season of Christmas and  now we enter into the season of Epiphany, the 12 days following Jesus' birth. This time of visitation of the Magi and the baptism of Jesus is a continuation of the joy and holiness of the season that allow us to continue experiencing and embracing Christ in our lives. We hope the essence of these liturgical seasons permeate the first few days of the new year and continue into all the days of 2018.

We would like to thank all of our families for participating in our Advent and Christmas festivities during the month of December. We are always amazed at the incredible level of support and the many helping hands that make the season so special.

During the month of January, it can often times be difficult for us to reconnect and focus on routines and procedures that were established prior to the break. We invite the children to refocus on their learning and to consider setting new goals as we look to the final six months of school.

May all the families of St. Bonaventure Catholic School have a very Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing all of you in January and beginning the New Year with hope and anticipation for a successful next six months of school.

Once again may the joy of Christ be with all the families of St. Bonaventure!


Mr. K. Pyra                                     Mr. R. Bennett

Principal                                        Assistant Principal




NEW at St. Bonaventure: Alberta Exam Bank - ExamBank is a powerful resource for Alberta students in all grades. St. Bonaventure can now offer online study resources in academic subject areas for all of our students!

By using this web site, you can join the hundreds of thousands of Alberta students who have enhanced their learning experience by writing randomized practice exams that relate directly to the curriculum as outlined by Alberta Education. The computer will mark your practice exam as soon as youre done, so that you can immediately see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As the service is entirely web-based, no software needs to be installed, and it works equally well on Windows, Macintosh, or any other computer system with an Internet connection. In addition, web delivery allows us to continually update and add content to our database of tens of thousands of questions.


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