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O loving God, bless all mothers.

Bless their forgiving hearts, their open arms, their welcoming smiles.

Nurture their souls as they nurture ours.

Care for their bodies as they care for ours.

Pray for them as they pray for us.

Teach them mercy and kindness as they teach us.

Feed their hunger for knowledge as they feed us.

Share your wondrous stories with them as they share with us.

Love them always as they love us.


(Adapted from Words for the Journey, Freemantle and Miller)


We are currently registering all grades for the
2019-2020 school year! 

We welcome all children to our kindergarten classes regardless of catholicity, providing there is space.
(If you missed the kindergarten open house please contact the school 780-476-7257)

Welcome to our G R E A T St. Bonaventure Family!

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Here is a link to the Park Bench Newsletter from our community!


Provincial Curriculum Development Parent/Guardian Information Sessions (For more info, please go here!)


*      What is Numeracy?  Please see our ECSD website as well at this link:



*     New Parent Resource - Grades 1-4 have a new Religion Program, Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ.  It features a Student-Home Website with videos, songs, bible stories, prayers, interactive activities and more -- all designed for students and families to explore their faith together.  Please go to:

(At this time, only available for Grades 1-4) Username: ecsd99 Password: Student99 (case sensitive)


*      Our Students have access to these paid web sites:  Mathletics (Grades 3-6), (Gr. 1-6), Exam Bank (All Grades), IXL (Grades 2 and 3).  



St. Bonaventure Focus Programs